When I ride my bike through my dodgy neighborhood, the last thing I want is my skirt to fly up round a windy corner. This doesn't help me feel safe, or confident, or efficient. I never learn my lesson either, and always curse myself when I get on my bike in tights. Visibility yellow is less than appealing, and buying bike gear for every type of weather sounds less than amusing. Iva Jean, a line of fashion conscious bike-wear for ladies is beautiful and functional. From the Rain Cape to the Daily Blouse, these clothes will let you feel fierce and fabulous as you fly comfortably down the street.

Reveal Skirt.

The elegance of this item proves you don't have to wear spandex or jeans to be able to cycle to work. The back unzips to expose twelve inches of extra material for utmost comfort. The fabric is soft but strong and creates an attractive skirt so there will be no more need to get changed in the parking lot, not that you could do that behind a bike anyway.





Two-Way Reflective Vest.

This vest exists with safety and visibility in mind, with one side made out of reflective ripstop and the other side of silkara ultrex, meaning it is fully reversible. The pull cord and magnetic button means it can compliment any body shape.




Rain Cape.

The rain cape covers your limbs and neck, so you can ride streamlined and warm in harsher weather conditions. The design allows for perfect placement of thumbs on the handlebars and is as waterproof as the toughest attire without that clunky look.




Daily Blouse.

This top features an invisible zip and roomy cut so as not to hinder movement while biking. They say safety first, but I say organic cotton and style comes first, with safety as a close close second.





See the full range at Iva Jean.

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