Plop! Now you can drop a hotel room wherever you like - forests, beaches, even clifftops. The world of microarchitecture (yes, that's a thing) welcomes the invention of the Drop Eco-Hotel, brought into existance by savvy creative design group In-Tenta. But you won't feel like you're in a tenta, because this room comes fully equipped with the luxury of any miniature suite. Adhering to their eco-friendly beliefs, In-Tenta draws the inspiration of this removable hotel room from organic shapes found in nature, you know, like the hotelroom naturalis. The room is modular and completely moveable, just in case you're hiding from a scary hiker or teaching your kids a lesson.


"DROP is a removable hotel room that draws inspiration from organic shapes found in nature, and it has been designed to be installed on natural locations. Its main features are: removable architecture, organic design and eco-friendly services. This portable microarchitecture can be installed on a variety of terrains. It is composed by modular wooden and steel elements and the structure is installed elevated to avoid contacting with the soil and minimally interfering with the unspoiled land continuing underneath."


"The design incorporates the use of spherical transparent windows that can be completely opened to bring guests into direct contact with nature. These big fully operable bubble windows provide natural ventilation while a skylight running the entire length of the pod provides ample daylighting."


"For the modern nomad, these eco-friendly rooms are not only sustainable but surprisingly comfortable and perfectly integrated on the surrounding landscape. Therefore DROP is suitable for everyone who has an inherent yearning for nature and wants no negative impacts on the environment."


"Produced and commercialized by URBAN SQUARE, a urban furniture and microarchitecture producer. DROP will be featured as an available model in URBAN SQUARE's catalog of microarchitecture projects."


Hey there, thrillseeker! Let's hope you've taken out insurance on your "Drop!"


Let's say you're at a farm in the mountains and it starts to get dark. "Drop!" your hotel room wherever you like. The cows won't even know what happened. Room service can be ordered through eagle service, and a concierge can be reached in no way.


Diagrams of the modular design:


Learn more on In-Tenta.

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