The Hue Toaster is a psychic machine. That's right -- it can read your mind and your deepest desires. It knows exactly which shade of "toasted" you want, and doesn't need to rely on that primitive "1-2-3" system. Hue thinks of you while it's toasting, and sensually bakes the bread golden brown. Hue wants to stay in your kitchen forever. It knows it looks good. You know it looks good. Hue love it.


"Basheer Tome is an interaction designer focused on the use of technology. Hue harnesses the power of an array of color sensors via a simple interface in order to intuitively and smartly toast bread to that perfect shade of golden brown."



Hue comes from the skies above to bring you a truly Heavenly breakfast.



Inner workings of Hue:



Basheer Tome Website

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