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My idea of a high tech home is essentially Steve Zissou's submarine from The Life Aquatic, but I'm rather averse to spending more than 60 seconds underwater. It's just not my element of choice. For those of us who need to live aboveground, here's a list of high tech gadgets and appliances you can add to your home. It may or may not turn into a robot, but at least you'll be incredibly comfortable and well-cared while you live inside.

The Ninja Block allows you to connect everything you own to the internet. Would you like to be able to control your front door via Twitter? Now you can. 


Lockitron allows you to have keyless entry using your smartphone. You can lock your doors from anywhere in the world, which is great unless you ever have one of those "the call is coming from inside the house" situations...


The Kohler Numi high tech toilet comes with a touch screen remote, a magnetic docking station, user presets, and "flush technology". I'm not totally comfortable with a toilet that I suspect might someday become sentient, but whatever floats your boat. 


The Nest is a thermostat that you can control from your phone, so you never waste any heating or cooling energy. It's easily programmable so that you can create the perfect home environment.

We've previously told you about the Good Night Lamp, and I think it fits in nicely here. Wherever there's an internet connection, you can feel close to your family by sharing the lights. 

The Good Night Lamp from Good Night Lamp on Vimeo.

The Natural Wave is a (conceptual) ceramic plate that goes on top of your radiator and keeps your food warm. It's not real yet, but it should be. via boingboing.


The FastMac Wall Socket with USB ports. I don't need to explain to you why this would be useful in every modern home. Look at it. Look at your life. Buy it from FastMac.


The ThinQ series from LG comes with super sleek innovations that turn all of your appliances into motherboards. The Smart ThinQ Refrigerator is a three door French door refrigerator with a WiFi-enabled LCD screen, and the Smart Cooling Plus system which helps keep your food fresh. It was recently named the Electronic House Product of 2013.


From James Dyson, the Airblade allows you to wash and dry your hands using the same faucet fixture. That means your bathroom at home can possess the same magic as those Mach 5 hand dryers you see in super fancy public restrooms. Goodbye, perpetually damp bathroom hand towels! See you never again.


The Flaye dining room table from Team 7 expands and retracts to fit whatever amount of company you keep, without feeling like a cheap piece of furniture. It's beautifully built from natural wood and comes with warp-resistent panels, so it'll last you a long time, and look good all the while.


I know it might be old news by now, but a robotic vacuum cleaner will always amaze me. Any appliance that cleans my house while I can just take a nap and use exactly none of my limbs sounds like a dream to me. Also, as you may have previously seen on Parks and Recreation, it can also be used as a traveling DJ.

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