Snow Safety Packs from Ortovox. In case of an avalanche, the pack inflates to keep you higher in the snow. Let me just say that if you're going to be anywhere near an avalanche, this seems like a pretty good idea. 

Here in New York City, it's the eve of a potential weekend blizzard, and we're all getting pretty excited about it. New Yorkers like to prepare for the worst because it means we get to shop in bulk and yell at everyone else in the store. It's like a sport for a city mostly full of people who never played sports. I'm not sure if this weekend storm will compare to the NYC "snownado" of 2010, but here's hoping! Anyway, whether you're in the city with us and the idea of a frozen doomsday is kind of exciting for you, or you're just a winter weather buff who likes to be prepared, here's a list of high-tech winter gear that might interest you. Some of these pieces are tried and true winter staples, and others are new innovations for the highly tech savvy consumer.


Fully insulated with a Gore-Tex shell, the Acronym GT-J5A Jacket is winter-ready without adding extra bulk, which is just my kind of gear. The collar is also magnetic so that you can keep track of your headphones easily.


The North Face Houser Triclimate Jacket is actually four jackets in one, which you can wear together or separately, making it easy to adapt to all weather conditions. It's also waterproof, windproof, and breathable. Versions of the Triclimate Jacket have been around for a few years now, because it's a trusted piece of equipment that knows how to get you through the winter. 


The Capilene 4 Expedition Weight One-Piece Suit is for those of you who think climbing Mt. Everest sounds like fun. I do not. But if you're gonna do it, you have to willing to outfit your body as carefully as possible, even if it includes a onesie. Don't worry, no one will see it unless you let them.


The ColdAvenger mixes inhaled cold air with exhaled warm air to help you breathe comfortably in extremely cold weather, and keeps your face warm and dry even in subzero conditions.


Convertible Shovel from K-2. The Rescue Shovel Plus can be a shovel and a snow axe. From K-2: "The K2 rescue Shovel Plus can also construct an emergency sled, build a dead man anchor, or provide a flat platform for your stove."


The 12 Hour Heated Socks from Cabela. They're not quite heavy-duty enough to wear during a full day on the slopes, but with a low and steady heat under the toes, these will feel amazing when you get back to the lodge and you'd like your toes to remember their purpose in life. 


The North Face E-Tip Gloves ($40) are flexible and have patches that allow users to keep using their smartphones in the cold. Because right now, do I text by ripping my gloves off every time my phone buzzes? Absolutely.


Dry Guy TurboDry charger. Nothing crushes the soul like having to walk around in wet shoes. It just feels awful and wrong. But the TurboDry is here to step in before the horrible shoe-sloshing ruins your day. A powerful fan quickly dries out your boots and vents warm air through the toe box so you don't have to suffer. 


The SeV Revolution Plus  is a winter jacket with a quilted lining and breathable shell that has 26 pockets, for every precious piece of technology you need to carry with you. Whether you're a secret agent who needs to pack relatively lightly, or you'd like to be incredibly prepared for an avalanche, this jacket will help you store everything you need.


Hi-tech winter sled from Snowbull. Does it matter if you have the fastest sled of all your friends, to whip past them on the hill during those coveted snow days? Yeah, it kind of does.


Leather-shaded sunglasses to help you stay focused on the slopes and protect your eyes from the blinding sunlight.


All-season tent from Easton. This versatile tent provides ventilation in the summer, and can be hermetically sealed in averse weather conditions and will prevent dust and fine snow from finding their way inside. 

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