If you live in New York and prefer an expensive box in Manhattan to a frugal mega-fortress in the Suburbs, this will bring you a kick. It's a super-efficient micro-apartment designed by entrepreneur Graham Hill and captured on video by Gizmodo. He's a man with a vision for all things modular and he's packed eight "rooms" into this 420 square foot space. If there's anything that can be minimized, rearranged or hidden - he's already thought of it.


Meet Mr. Organized - here he takes us through his day.


In the morning, Mr. O checks some facts. What's the weather going to be like? How many of his friends confirmed they'll be attending his party? The computer will reveal everything.


Mr. O makes his bed, which can come in and out of the wall. How clever!


He has a storage compartment under the sofa where he keeps nothing.


Everything he needs to stay organized, tucked safely into these shelves.


Mr. O takes a quick break from showing us around.


Not wanting to leave his modular apartment, Mr. O burns some time with a movie.


Lo and behold! There's another room in the room.


In case his friends have too much fun, they can stay over in these comfortable beds.


Arriving soon... better get the stretchy table ready.


"What am I making again?"

The man himself: Graham Hill takes you on a tour:


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