Formerly the lead print designer at Donna Karan, Elora Hardy left fashion to form Ibuku, a leading force in conscientious architectural design. Located in Bali, Ibuku focuses on building homes made from organic materials, especially bamboo. Ibuku's Green Village emphasizes a commitment to sustainable design and a deep awareness of the surrounding Balinese landscape. Built from locally–grown bamboo, Ibuku is also responsible for the Green School, which promotes education about sustainability and environmental kindness. 


"At Green Village you can live lightly on the land and redefine the meaning of luxury with a clear conscience."


"We use bamboo because of it's strength, beauty, and flexibility, and also because with it's 4-year growth cycle and carbon sequestration capacity it is the most environmentally conscientious building material conceivable."



"Immersed in the urban vitality of New York City for five years, I connected with the current creative mood, and also had to fight hard to connect with a feeling of nature, and of being nurtured. Back in Bali now, I can make 'designed' spaces that are current and stylish, and where feeling relaxed and grounded is effortless. With fine arts, fashion, or home design the creative process and quest for beauty and ease are the same."




"Our bamboo furniture items are custom designs, often one-of-a-kind. We design complete built-in furniture sets for the homes at Green Village, and also ship small orders of custom furniture items internationally."



"Not only is living in bamboo good for the environment, it helps the people living in that space connect to nature which then enhances quality of life."



"One of our team's favorite design elements is our signature round glass "Moon" door that we utilize for front entrances and special living spaces such as master bedrooms. Homeowners comment that it makes them feel like they're living the Alice in Wonderland experience; stepping through the moon door feels like going into the future and into the past at the same time."



"Everything inside the construction is handmade by local people with the traditional technique. To ensure a stable building environment for our villas the earth is not altered. Our villas are tailored to gently rest on their foundation, carefully set in the earth's natural contour, so that it gives minimal impact on the environment."


"If the bamboo is chosen properly, treated properly and maintained properly, a bamboo house can last a lifetime."



Green Village

Green School

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