We can finally say goodbye to all those useless greens we have sitting around the house. This electric bonsai, or "Electree" takes in sunlight to perform functions such as charging phones, charging tablets - well, charging in general. Designed by Vivien Muller, this attractive hybrid of technology and art has been in the works since 2008. The project hopes to be completed with the help of Kickstarter.


"Part sculpture, part appliance, the electree+ challenges preconceptions about the role of artwork by dissolving the barrier between aesthetic and pragmatic. The electree+ was inspired both by the bonsaï tree and by fractal patterns found in nature. Its form-follows-function design fuses these concepts with the goal of providing solar-derived power to environments typically void of renewable energy."


"We dream of a world that encourages novel and inventive ways to foster renewable energy generation. We believe that these sorts of innovations (and more importantly, their support by individuals like you) are key to scaffolding a future wholly sustained by clean and renewable sources for global energy needs."


"The passion behind this project originated in 2008 and has only grown stronger with time. Envisioned by French designer Vivien Muller, the electree+'s unique design combines ecology, art, mathematics, and utility.

The last four years of design, research, development, and feedback have finally culminated into this moment - the moment to make the vision into a reality & available to the world with the creation of the electree+."


"Last year, Electree raised funding in Europe to manufacture the first basic prototype (void of custom colors, wireless charging, etc.) in a small quantity (the presale was 200 units). Vivien single-handedly oversaw and managed the entire manufacturing process from CAD to quotes to moldings to refinements to production. It was a very involved process but afforded invaluable knowledge and experience, not to mention crucial feedback. The electree+ will be redesigned to maximize solar gain and elongate the trunk and branches as needed. Further tweaks will be made to the design throughout the campaign based on your input and feedback."


"The electree+ will be manufactured here in the USA for quality control and on-site quality assurance. Vivien arrived a few months ago from France and has been getting settled in while simultaneously hammering through electree+'s details with a half-dozen manufacturers."


"Nature has selected over millions of years the most efficient structures to capture solar energy. The tree's shape is thus the best means to take advantage of solar energy. While studying fractals, I realized that one could draw a tree by repeating and transforming a basic pattern." -Vivien


"We believe the electree+ is just the beginning. Together we can encourage designers everywhere to incorporate solar capabilities into product inspiration and brainstorming. We share a vision for a world that embraces elegance, practicality, inspiration from nature, and the desire to improve our world through the design and creation of both consumer and public products."



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