The Long Hour of Neal BaxterOne camera, two men, a chair, and an hour of time.

60 minutes. It's a project for a photography class and the primary requirement is that Neal Baxter sit in that chair for exactly one hour. The photographer, Matt Newberry, has free range with the stationary camera.

What would you do?

Here's what Matt did. The clock begins its countdown with Neal Baxter in a chair. Neal has a small table with a few books (he did choose to read Winston Churchill for a while), a cup of coffee (which later disappears), the countdown clock is beside him, and after the coffee cup has disappeared, a glass of water appears. Neal is obviously entertained by this endeavor.

Interestingly enough, the camera doesn't change position once. It's like the camera is the constant, the light changes ever so slightly, the books change, the clock changes, etc. An interesting viewpoint, actually, when the camera is the only constant.

And at the opening of the art exhibit at Dunn Bros. on 34th & Hennepin in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Neal and Baxter are also the only constants. The crowd shifts almost completely every half an hour. (I got to spend 30 minutes chatting about languages with a former Professor from the University of Minnesota. All I gotta say is I had fun.)



Sale of the tryptichs is to support the Minnesota Election Trends Project. It's Neal Baxter's project, inspired by his search for information about a relative who had been a politician. To his surprise, he contacted the Minneapolis Public Library for information about the election results of his relative's race way back when, and the woman had to pull out an old volume that was falling apart with missing pages. Since funding was missing for compiling the valuable information, he began a quest.

There are 12 framed tryptichs available for sale and any of them can be purchased as prints. The exhibit at Dunn Bros. runs through February 28, 2010.


























And if you're still looking for a Doppelgaenger as a hang-on from last week's Facebook trend, here you go:

Doppelgaengers themselves Neal Baxter and Matt Newberry