"MojoSpa - Where Beauty Meets Comfort" OR "Where I Bought the Best Lip Gloss Ever"

Really, it is the best lip gloss I've ever found.

On a recent trip to Chicago I was on my way to a little piece of (restaurant) heaven called "The Bongo Room" when my friend spontaneously suggested we head to the Mojo Spa after brunch. She had never been there and I readily agreed, always hungry to try something new. But first things first: food. We had fabulous apple pancakes and chorizo omelette and cup after cup of coffee. When we arrived next door at the Mojo Spa it was like we hadn't even left the restaurant--because beauty products aren't somehow magically created at the Mojo Spa, they are baked, seared, steeped, heated and melted--by a chef.

And then there is the candle whose wax, when melted, doubles as a body lotion. Really!

The first thing I noticed was a candle made in a champagne glass. It gave off a wonderful scent and was made from soy. I thought that was pretty cool in itself, given the great scent of the candle and the fact that it is made in a huge champagne glass. We stood there, contemplating what it was, until the saleswoman directed us to dip our fingers in the melted candle wax and to rub it into our skin. It is a wild experience to dip your fingers into candle wax and to watch it disappear before your very eyes. But that's not all: the store manager guided us to the manicure tables, where we each received a free hand massage with the candle wax/body lotion. The manicurist simply poured out candle wax onto her hands and then massaged it onto my hands like a regular lotion. The lotion slowly seeps into the skin throughout the day without having any kind of oily effect...it's heavenly.

This is it! It's the candle that turns into body lotion!

The lip gloss--Oh, the lip gloss!

OK, no more waiting--let's get to the really good stuff: the lip gloss! First "Lip Jelly Balm & Gloss: Glamorous". Not only does it come in a metal container with a sliding top (reminiscent of the lip glosses from way back when--does that whet your appetite for lip gloss or what?!), it provides a beautiful gloss and everything you could wish for in a lip balm, complete with sweet almond oil. Yum.

Then there is the line of special, exotic lip glosses including everything from "Angel" to "Vixen." (Guess which one I chose.) Each of these lip glosses (just click on "Lips" at www.mojospa.com) comes with an energized stone or crystal and a pre-written affirmation on the bottom. For example, the $weet $uccess lip gloss comes with a carnelian crystal and its prescribed affirmation: "I attract & guarantee success in my work & career, so let it be said and so be it.." For those of you who are especially energy conscious, rest assured that each stone is cleansed and energized before it is used to infuse the gloss.

I want one.

I knew yomojospa2 utopia bath bar_smallu would...go get it all at www.mojospa.com. Lip gloss, eye shadows, candles that turn into body lotion, facial moisturizers, body scrubs, soaps, everything. Inspired by food. Tell them we sent you!

It is a rare occasion that I've actually found natural products that do exactly what they say they will do. As a person with relatively sensitive skin, I was more than pleased as punch to discover the products that I did and the great effects they have had on my skin. I am looking forward to purchasing from the Mojo Spa again and I hope you have as much enjoyment with their products as I have.

Bath Bar Buffet, anyone? Take your pick.