Minnesota Fringe Festival 2009

Via Facebook many whispers of upcoming Fringe shows have been making their way to my profile, via writers, pianists and the like. I jumped to get to the website, as it just went live a few days ago, according to a pianist friend of mine, and what I saw pleased my eye.

Get to the Fringe to see shows like:
Animal Cracker Genocide by Ben San Del

I'd Kick Puppies For You by Dr. Thought (Ages 23+)

WORD by Dante' Pirtle

Alice Unwrapped by Nautilus Music-Theater--OK, stop right there.

Alice Unwrapped (A.U.) gets a big, unabashed plug right here, not only because Nautilus and the work that transpires there holds a special place in my heart, but because Nautilus helps create phenomenal pairings of word and music that reach people via means that I have rarely experienced anywhere else. I had the pleasure of watching A.U. at Rough Cuts, a works-in-progress performance at Nautilus, but also the Spirit in the House Festival at Hennepin Avenue Methodist in Minneapolis, MN.

A.U. is a one-woman show that covers the many facets of a 15-year-old girl, Alice Bliss, who is left in charge the household when her dad is sent off to war and is missing in action, her mother won't come out of the bedroom, and her self-made armor embarasses her ueber-intelligent younger sister. It's a refreshing look at humanity and how we all come out on the other side of a difficult situation. Make sure you get to this one to see Jill Anna Ponasik in a fantastic production, directed by Ben Krywosz, produced by Nautilus Music-Theater, written by Laura Harrington and composed by Jenny Giering

No worries, there are more shameless and entertaining plugs to come.