A Selection of Electrical Cords and AdaptorsI’m on the road for the next five weeks and I needed a few things, like shirts, socks, and concert clothing, not to mention that I wanted to take my cell phone, netbook, camera, hair dryer and a straightening iron. It doesn’t sound like a lot when I think that I’ll be singing several concerts and traveling to seven or eight different places. But the power cords, oh, the power cords!

Thank goodness I have all my electrical cords!!! There’s the charger for my cell phone, for my camera battery, the power cord for my netbook, my adaptor, my hair dryer, and the straightening iron, a second adaptor so I can use two devices at once, and my BOSS Micro BR and its power cord. Oh! Almost forgot—the mini-USB cable for my cell phone/digital camera, and my laptop lock are packed, too. Good grief!

Good thing I packed the many electrical cords in my carry-on, because it has taken more than 48 hours for my bag to get to me. My USB stick has gone…somewhere that is not here (good thing it was empty!) and my luggage is apparently still in London. I just hand-washed my shirt from yesterday, as I will need it so I can rotate it with the shirt I am now wearing, which I washed yesterday since I wore it on the flight two days ago, because not even the airline really knows when my bag will get to me. They told me they would deliver it yesterday, and this morning they called to say they would bring it tomorrow. I will be three days without my luggage—if all works out well. *sigh* At least they gave me an overnight kit to make it through, an XXL T-shirt for pajamas, the usual toiletries, and oh—it’s a man’s kit, so there is shaving cream, a razor, and men’s shower gel. It’s not too bad, I must admit. But really, I miss my shorts. They’re in my suitcase. All I have is a pair of jeans, it’s hot here, and my shorts are in London-Heathrow. Or so they say.

But I have all my electrical cords!!! As I pondered how I would efficiently pack all these vital and non-interchangeable pieces, it occurred to me that I would need yet another bag or pouch to keep them all in, lest they fly all over my carry-on and make a big mess. Luckily I had just grabbed a water-proof toiletries bag from an old carry-on just in case I might need it, and it fit them all perfectly. All the cords, chargers, and adaptors are in one spot, in my carry-on, which is always by my side, even when I’m in the bathroom in the airport.

My hair dryer? Apparently it’s still in London. With my shorts.