People take me so seriously when I ring my little bicycle bell. Its tiny twinkle ensures maximum safety around drivers, skateboarders, old people and other risks. No, wait, it definitely doesn't. Bicycle safety is no joke and that's why caring engineer Jonathan Lansey is developing the car horn for bikes. So move over Honda, this is my lane too.

Drivers are trained to respond to cars honking, and to dislike anything with less than four wheels. This car horn, which combines the low and high notes to sound exactly like a car, is small and lightweight, designed to fit onto bikes for the healthy commuter.


From the Kickstarter Page:


Sound: is like a typical car horn, both in volume and pitch

Honk: for up to 30 seconds at a time (but please be respectful)

Batteries: are rechargeable Li-ion batteries that will last 1-2 months

Button: snaps on to either handlebar and honking does not interfere with braking.

Weather resistant: works in rain, sleet and snow


"Inventor Jonathan Lansey is a research engineer, an Awesome Foundation trustee and an avid city cyclist. Andrew Lansey is a mechanical and aerospace engineer, who has taken a break from airplane building to design the aerodynamic horn prototypes.

We have been working with a US manufacturing and engineering firm that has extensive experience designing and building hardened, waterproofed electronics. We are also working with an overseas firm to source some components and do the final assembly. We have a fulfillment company lined up to get your rewards to you as soon as production is complete."


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