No matter how much you think you've made it in the real world, your inner child will always want to live in castles in the sky, perched on ancient and sturdy trees. Maybe it's your inner Tarzan talking, but there's just something irresistible about a treehouse. Antony Gibbons, architect of the Roost Treehouse, has come up with a design that not only satisfies your Fern Gully fantasies, but also takes care of the tree you've chosen to call home. 


The Roost Treehouse is not yet built, but it will be made of connecting pod-like structures that culminate in a shared balcony in the canopy of the trees. Each pod connects to an overall structure that provides support, all without harming the tree itself. Two people will be able to fit in one capsule, and although only one capsule reaches the ground, all of them have stairs allowing access to common areas. All this means that while you're living out your dreams in a miniature forest kingdom, the forest itself will be able to flourish. 



via Antony Gibbons Designs 

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